Land Bank

Martha's Vineyard Land Bank

The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank was established in 1986 to acquire land so as to protect open spaces, roadside vistas and sensitive ecological areas on the island. Since 1986, the Land Bank has purchased hundreds of acres of land across the island and has developed and managed these properties, giving public access to a wide range of beaches, trails and wildlife preserves.

All Martha's Vineyard property transfers are subject to a 2% Land Bank fee, which must be paid by the Buyer at closing. First time homebuyers are exempt from the first $400,000 of the purchase price as long as the 5 year residency requirement is met.

Properties owned by the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank are open daily to the general public from sunrise to sundown, except during hunting season. Trails are marked throughout the properties and boundary markers indicate where public land ends and private land begins. The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank posts map signs at many properties' trailheads and is installing others as necessary. Handheld maps of each property, showing trail networks, are available on the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank website: